Strengthening Practice – Supporting Safer Organisations (LLR)

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This session will aim to deliver learning under the theme of 'Strengthening Practice - Supporting Safer Organisations' that will support organisational practice and share learning that can be used in your own organisations, and in underpinned by the LSCB Competency Framework.

NB: This session was developed initially for Early Years sector; however it now open to all sectors to share learning. Therefore some of the practice examples may focus on early years; however learning around safe working practices will support all sectors.

The session will include:

  • Opportunity to self-assess competency in your organisational context
  • Consideration of learning from Serious Case Reviews
  • Disguised compliance & resistance
  • Identifying how to support and strengthen practice in organisations - (Role of the LADO - Local Area Designated Officer) managing allegations against professionals)
  • Opportunity for networking and sharing good practice with other organisations
  • Opportunity to ask questions, seek advice and network

Safeguarding Competencies met by the course: The learning in this course will support knowledge in the competency  Groups 5 & 6 and 7 & 8.

Who should attend

  • Organisational leads (managers and those involved in governance functions)
  • Childminders and stand-alone practitioners (private tutors / coaches etc) who work independently and not within an organisation
  • Organisational leads (managers and those involved in governance functions) who have a broad understanding of the LSCB Competency Framework)

Course details

  • Free

Course requirements

Delegates must have attended previous LSCB training strategy briefing session, or have a working understanding of the LSCB children’s competency framework.

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