Teen Parent Pathway

Centre for Fun and Families Ltd (CFF) will establish a Teen Parent Pathway working in partnership with other professionals who currently come into contact with teen parents in Leicester City.

Henry Charles is an experienced and knowledgeable worker who has worked positively with many teenagers and families across the City. Henry will be the Engagement Group Worker (EGW) leading the development of the pathway with Hattie Allen, who has recently joined the CFF team, in consultation with the Teen Parents.

What will the pathway offer?

The main aim is to offer one to one and group work support to Teen Parents and their families. Being a parent is a challenging job, no one teaches you how to be a parent and CFF have lots of experience of working with parents and supporting them with the parenting journey.

Being a Teen Parent may create even more challenges, particularly around the following areas:

  • Family
  • Positive Mental Health and Well-being
  • Employment, Education and Training
  • Accommodation

Henry Charles and Hattie Allen, Engagement Group Workers (EGW), will work with Teen Parents before baby is born on a 1:1 basis leading up to attendance at a Fun and Families Group work Programme.

What is a Fun and Families group work programme?

  • 7 week programme, 2 hours per session each week
  • Childcare is provided
  • An opportunity to meet other teen parents and family members

Talk and learn about:

  • Positive Parenting skills
  • Positive routines and behaviour
  • Play and interaction with baby
  • Managing stress and relaxation
  • Budgeting and problem solving

For further information, please telephone 0116 223 4254