Safeguarding Competency Framework – are you using it?

The Safeguarding Competency Framework is a tool to evidence continuous learning in regard to safeguarding as part of the supervision process. It is a tool to support competent knowledge, skills and confidence in terms of understanding safeguarding, keeping up to date with reoccurring themes and changes to procedures, in line with supporting best practice. You can also find out which safeguarding competency group you are in and access relevant paperwork.

Training is just one way to support the safeguarding competencies:   

Safeguarding competencies are listed within all inter-agency safeguarding training descriptions.

Other ways of supporting the completion of the Safeguarding Competency Framework are:

  • Group training (single agency, multi-agency, joint courses in house or external provider)
  • Practice based workshops (single, joint and multi-agency)
  • E-Learning/workbooks, use of articles –self-directed learning, distance learning
  • Mentoring, shadowing, reflective supervision
  • Conferences, LSCB briefings/Serious Case Review briefings
  • Formal education/qualification pathway
  • Peer reviews, conferences
  • Learning/knowledge from previous qualifications
  • Learning from local safeguarding newsletters, such as Safeguarding Matters or the Children’s Workforce Matters Newsletter
  • Learning from practice/experience