Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – (Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland)

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Aims & Objectives

  • Understand what Child Sexual Exploitation is
  • Understand how young people become involved
  • Recognize potential warning signs of CSE 
  • The impact of CSE on the Victim
  • Perpetrator Psychology
  • Approaches to investigation and disruption
  • Safeguarding young people at risk including risk assessments and information sharing

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Have an understanding of what CSE is and how young people become involved
  • Be able to recognise potential warning signs of CSE and understand the impact of CSE on the Victim
  • Gained additional knowledge and insight around perpetrator Psychology and investigation and disruption
  • Know how to make a referral etc

Safeguarding Competencies met by the course:

The learning in this course will support knowledge in competency Groups 1 to 4

Who should attend

This full day training is suitable for all Multi-agency professionals (e.g. social care, NHS, Police, third sector).

Course details

  • Free

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